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Course Reserves

If your syllabus lists the items on reserve ...

You can search for any item in the catalog without going to the Course Reserves subset. If your syllabus lists the titles your instructor has placed on reserve, just do a Title search in the full catalog for the item you want. When you find it, use the call number to locate the item you need on the shelf in the Reserve Room.

Please observe the special rules for using and borrowing these items.

If you want to look up everything that's on reserve for your class ...

Suppose you want to find a list of everything placed on reserve by a certain instructor, or for a certain course. When any item is on reserve, a temporary record for it appears in a special subset of the catalog, especially for Course Reserves.

Look for this heading near the top of the page :

Click on the heading that says Course Reserves. It will take you to a page giving you access to this subset within our catalog. Click on the link that says Course Reading/Reserves.

Note that you are no longer searching the entire Morton Library catalog, but only one portion of it : the records for those items that are currently on reserve for a class. You now have a different set of choices in the Field to search drop-down menu : you can search by the title of the book, by instructor, course name, course number and so on.

As an example, we'll enter the name of a member of the faculty, and choose Instructor from the drop-down menu.

Note that the professor we are looking for is Dr. Frances Taylor Gench. You receive a list of everything Dr. Gench has placed on reserve for her classes in the current semester or term.

You may also search by Course Number.  For example :

You will receive a list of all of the materials placed on reserve for that particular class.  If the course number search yields no results, try it without a space between the letters and numbers, such as BIB170. (If a particular course is not being offered in the current academic term, there will be no materials on course reserve.)

To find the call number for a particular item, click on its little blue number on the far left side of the screen.

When the record opens, find the line labelled Holdings near the top of the record, and click on All items.

Our call number is found in the blue table near the bottom of the screen. The books set aside for course reading in our Reserve Room are shelved by call number, so you will need this number to find the item you want on the shelf.

Remember that you are still in the Course Reserves subset of our catalog. To return to the entire catalog, click on Back to General Collection at the top of the page.

Then, choose Morton Library Catalog.

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