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The Instructional Resource Center of the William Smith Morton Library offers a mailing service to out-of-town borrowers who wish to receive library books, videos, DVDs, cassette tapes and CDs through the mail.  An Extension borrower must live at least 50 miles from Morton Library.  Policies governing the use of Library materials by extension patrons are listed below.

Due to new access and borrowing policies, Extension services can be provided ONLY TO MEMBERS of the William Smith Morton Library.  If you were an active member on our rolls before 26 April 2008 or if you are an out-of-town alumnus/a of Union or BTSR, you are also eligible for Extension services at no charge.

Other ordained pastors working in the PCUSA and United Methodist denominations and certified educators working in the PCUSA can receive Extension services at a significantly reduced charge of $50/year.

New patrons must apply for the appropriate membership and pay the annual fee. Details of the new policies can be found HERE.

Patron Registration Form

To register as an extension patron, please print the REGISTRATION FORM and mail it or fax it to us, at the address or fax number listed at the bottom of this page. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to download this PDF file.

Borrowing Privileges Through Extension

Borrowing Periods Renewals Maximum Number of Items
Books : 5 weeks
Videos & DVDs : 3 weeks
Other media : 5 weeks

These borrowing periods
include shipping time
One renewal on books

No renewal on visual media items
5 books
3 visual media*
10 audio media**
10 curricula
2 kits
2 games

    * Visual media items : either videos or DVDs          ** Audio media items : either CDs or tape cassettes

Only books, audio media items and visual media items can be mailed. Other media items and curriculum cannot.  If you are an extension patron and you come to Richmond to visit the Library, you may borrow the other items listed here, but we do not mail them.

Mailing Costs

Ordering Information

Orders can now be placed directly through our online catalog.  You will need to LOGIN to our catalog, using the barcode number printed on your library access card, and your PIN.  For instructions showing how to login, click HERE.  If you do not have a library card or PIN, please contact our Extension LibrarianPLEASE NOTE : NO EXTENSION REQUESTS CAN BE ACCEPTED BY PHONE.

TO REQUEST BOOKS OR MEDIA ITEMS :  Please click HERE to read a tutorial explaining how to place requests for available items using the "request" function of our Library catalog.


Inquiries about extension services should be addressed to :

  Extension Services
  William Smith Morton Library
  Union Presbyterian Seminary
  3401 Brook Road
  Richmond, VA 23227

You may contact us by email at : extensionlib@upsem.edu, or by phone at (804) 278-4317.  PLEASE NOTE : NO REQUESTS CAN BE ACCEPTED BY PHONE.  See ordering information above.

Lisa Janes

is a native of Richmond, Virginia and joined the William Smith Morton Library as a student worker in 2005. She received her Master of Divinity Degree from the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University in 2008. Her experience as a student worker at Morton Library allowed her to work in areas such as Circulation, Cataloging (mending and preparation), and eventually the Instructional Resource Center. Besides her current work in the IRC, Lisa is the Public Services Specialist in the area of Interlibrary Loan and Extension Services.

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The Instructional Resource Center is located on the second floor of the Library and is open during all open hours, although it is staffed only during weekdays until 4:30 pm.  Most of our rich collection of audio media, kits and print curricula is housed in public shelving and is accessible to users during open hours.  Visual titles (videos and DVDs) are not accessible in the Center when no staff is available, but materials can be left for you at the Circulation Desk for pickup after 4:30 pm or on weekends.  Contact a staff member (listed above) to arrange a pickup after hours. 

For a map of our campus and driving directions, click HERE.